Rietveld Zurich is an annual 6-week program for graduation year students of the graphic design department at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. It is organised by the graphic design department at the Rietveld with Zurich based Swiss graphic designers Julia Born and Laurenz Brunner who structure the program. Rietveld Zurich moves our department to Zurich, while the students continue their studies in another city they engage in assignments, studio visits, lectures, and excursions that take advantage of Switzerlands rich design history. The program concludes with an exhibition of the students works and a party. Rietveld Zurich is an extensive exercise in studying together.

Teachers 2018

Julia Born
Laurenz Brunner
Lovis Caputo (and name of the vineyard artist)
Vela Arbutina
External critics
Vela Arbutina
Marco Walser

Studio visits

Atlas Studio
Studio NOI
Rosmarie Tissi
Andreas Züst Library, Aplenhof

Students 2019

Aleksandrs Breze
Dorian Chouteau
Thibault Froissant
Klara Graah
Fabian Hamacher
Carl Herner
Jan Janssenswillen
Aleksandra Kwiatkowska
Lou Lasvenes
Jinhye Lee
Stepan Lipatov
Loup Lopez
Vincent Ludwig
Sissel Møller
Gezim Muharemi
Xanthippe Partsakoulaki
Belén Pérez Campos
Ewa Perlinska
Nathalie Sørensen
Cleo Teh Su Wen
Philip Ullman
Lejla Verheus
Jeanne Viviès
Geke Zaal

Previous editions

2017, Rietveld Berlin
2016, Rietveld Berlin
2014-15, Rietveld Berlin